Breed history

Apolda - great town in Thuringia, which runs northwest from classical Weimar along Ilmo waters. Since 1863 this town fairs were held annually, and it was not simple, but the dog fair - feast of the town and the people, and all the congregation of dog fanatics. People gather to look not only bred dog breeds, to communicate, but also to taste the famous Thuringian sausages and drink beer. With time, this fair has become one of as fun folk festivals, which hurried the young and the old. It became the basis for dog shows, which took place in Thuringia. So, in this exhibition for the first time people saw the dog breed that is only called breeder's name - it is his Majesty Dobermans.

Unfortunately, we have little information about Dobermann based on origin. The reason is that the "primary dog" as the small bird owners to breed the dogs themselves, and to refrain from any notes. Most likely, they did not aim to put a new variety and limited to veisdami yourself or for sale. These notes had and Friedrich Louis Dobermann. He gave his countrymen the invaluable benefits of having used the dogs, which security features have the highest ratings. However, the external image was "incomplete". The appearance of the formation and securing have been engaged in for later, after the death of the Dobermann, who died quite young. On this man's life is not much information. Of course, that L.Dobermannas was born in 1834. January 2nd. Because of his profession have a lot of ambiguities and contradictions, so we have to be content with the facts, which announces the time breeders notes. According to one of the notes, Dobermann was city dog breeder, whose job was to catch and keep the city of stray dogs. According to the report of the Dobermann's son, from 1870 Dobermann served as tax collectors Niderrosli-Apold financial agency. He collected considerable sums of money and, therefore, would accompany him strong and angry dogs. According A.Millerio notes, Doberman night was a cop. So FLDobermannas was diverse Apold citizen.

About Doberman and the dogs knew already in 1870. Wherever bepasirodydavo Dobermann with their dogs, he was welcomed with respect and fear. Town, people knew that the tax collector's dogs do not understand the jokes. When the town appeared black dog with already known dark brown and tan, usually they say, "Here goes Dobermann dog!". In 1899 after the formation of Apold dog club, the question arose as to call a variety of recent and the group to which it attributed to: shepherds, hounds or pinschers. There are no precise figures who invented called Dobermann their breeder's name but was mostly influenced by village people, among which have long been rumored about Dobermann dogs. So the Doberman-Pinscher and was honored Dobermann merit the derivation of a new breed. It was a compromise solution, when viewed from a variety of point, so that dobermanas long been different from pinschers with the blood of must and Doberman. At that time the main dog function was cattle grazing, but people already had dogs and who do not grow fat and to protect people and their property. That objective themselves raised FLDobermannas him and it was a great success. Dobermann became the first variety, bred by the personal and property protection, while at the same time it remains and the excellent hunting or herding dog's characteristics. By our time neatkeliavo accurate information on what varieties were used in the formation of the breed Dobermann, but by O.Geller'ą, Dobermann bitch had gray behalf of Snuppy, which, like its descendant, he Pair pinschers, butchers' dogs (now called Rottweiler) and some hunting. After FLDobermano death Doberman development and promotion of people engaged in many of which the most distinguished: O.Geller, G.Tishler, kennel "Vom Grenland", G.Krumbholc, kennel "Vom Ilm-Aten".

Doberman breed great popularity since 1990. It was widely used by police, customs and rescue services. Doberman especially marked during the Second World War: US Army at that time had about 5,000 Dobermans that were used in mine-hunt, rescuing the wounded, protection, and etc. Top Doberman was a sea infantry, because these dogs are selflessly engaged in even the most complex tasks and attain its objectives even seriously injured. During World War II it was usually used in three varieties: Doberman, German shepherd and American bulldog. Photos of thanks during the war have been saved a lot of lives, although some of his own sacrifice and dogs.

So far, Doberman perfectly fulfills its role in rescue services, customs offices (in search of drugs) and various military units. Doberman very well performed and safety, and a dog - companion functions.

Doberman - This is the best variety that you can choose from.