Breed standard

Modern Doberman - higher than average height, strong, muscular, powerful and elegant dog. His body is correct, powerful chest - deep and wide enough. Perfect angulation allows him to move freely and easily, proud posture, temperament - average. Although the Doberman and compassionate people, but always ready to defend your-host. So that little loss of hair (short hair), it is very suitable to hold the room. No smell, nesiseilioja. Swelling of the height at the withers 68-72 cm, bitches 63-68 cm. Patino weight 40-45 kg, females 30-35 kg.

Head: the skull in a strong, proportional dog's body. Seen from above, meets the blunt wedge form. The skull and muzzle parallel. Forehead furrow slightly visible. Occipital protuberance does not fall into the eye. Side head flat surfaces. The head muscles sharp. The transition from forehead to muzzle a small, but significant. The tip of the nose wide, with large nostrils, do not protrude. Black dog - black, brown - brown.

Muzzle - long and wide. Strong lower jaw, tongue firmly fitting, well pigmented. Ears erect, head Docked in proportion to the length and width (can be uncropped ears).

Eyes - medium-sized, oval, dark in color.

Teeth - strong, full set of (at least 42 teeth). Scissor bite.

Neck - a good length in proportion to the head and body.

Body: back strong, straight, short. Cross a long, broad, muscular. Ribcage broad, muscular, with

well-developed front part (Forbrustu). Breasts half the height of the dog's height at the withers.

The tail - shorn short (mostly two vertebrae) raised.

FOREQUARTERS: straight, vertical, strong, paws sugniaužtos. Hind limbs, seen from behind, straight, parallel; the average length of the lower leg.

Movements elegant, springy, energetic, good amplitude.

The coat is short, dense, resilient. There is no undercoat.

Color - black or brown with dark, rust-colored tan.

Eliminating faults: lack of teeth; yellow or different colored eyes; Overshot, undershot; although one testicle immaturity; white spots; long, wavy hair is too rare; excessive stain; cowardice, wickedness, too much diffidence, nervousness; height 2 cm above or below the standard; blue and Izabela "color.